Connectivity modelling of areas closed to protect vulnerable marine ecosystems in the northwest Atlantic

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REFERENCE Kenchington, Ellen; Wang, Zeilang; Lirette, Camille; Murillo, Francisco Javier; Guijarro, Javier; Yashayaev, Igo; Maldonado, Manuel. (2018). Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers. ABSTRACT Over the course of the past decade, in response to United Nations General … Read More

Predicted distribution of the glass sponge Vazella pourtalesi on the Scotian Shelf and its persistence in the face of climatic variability

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REFERENCE Beazley, Lindsay; Wang, Zeliang; Kenchington, Ellen; Yashayaev, Igor; Rapp, Hans Tore; Xavier, Joana R; Murillo, Francisco Xavier; Fenton, Derek; Fuller, Susanna. (2018). PLoS ONE. ABSTRACT Emerald Basin on the Scotian Shelf off Nova Scotia, Canada, is home to … Read More

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