More sponges at Gijón’s Science Week!

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The second leg of the SponGES touring exhibition was held in Gijón, from the 19th to the 23rd of November 2018. The exhibition took advantage of the local Science Week, and of the kindness of researchers and technicians at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography.

The event saw the participation of about 15 classes from primary and secondary schools, for a total of about 350 pupils entertained with a combination of installations and activities focused on the ocean and on marine sciences. In total, about 800 people (thereby including many adults!) took part in the event. The Science Week was also the occasion to launch new modules of The SponGES and MERCES Teachers’ Workbook, and to make them available not only in English but also in Spanish. The next leg of the touring exhibition will be in the Azores!


You can see more pictures in our gallery page here.