Buchwald Hartwig diversification of unprotected halotryptophans, halotryptophan containing tripeptides and the natural product barettin in aqueous conditions

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Renault, Yohann JG; Lynch, Rosemary; Marelli, Enrico; Sharma, Sunil V; Pubill-Ulldemolins, Cristina; Sharp, Joshua A; Cartmell, Christopher; Cárdenas, Paco; Goss, Rebecca JM (2019). Chemistry Communications. https://doi.org/10.1039/c9cc02554e.


Blending synthetic biology and synthetic chemistry represents a powerful approach to diversity complex molecules. To further enable this, compatible synthetic tools are needed. We report the first Buchwald Hartwig amination reactions with unprotected halo- tryptophans under aqueous conditions and demonstrate this meth- odology is applicable also to the modification of unprotected tripeptides and the natural product barettin.


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