Taxonomy Workshop: Atlanto-Mediterranean Deep-Sea Sponges

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The 3rd International Workshop on Taxonomy of Atlanto-Mediterranean Deep-Sea Sponges will be hosted by SponGES partner IEO in Centro Oceanográfico de Gijón (Spain) between the 6th and the 11th of June. Organised by Javier Cristobo (IEO), Pilar Rios (IEO) and Joana Xavier (UiB), it will bring together established as well as early-stage researchers – including several from the SponGES consortium.

The workshop will focus on bottlenecks in sponges identification – a critical step to the advancement of sponge science and management policy. The workshop will bridge across traditional and cutting-edge approaches and boost knowledge transfer across generations and geographical areas. You can follow the workshop on the SponGES Facebook page!