SponGES co-organises Blue Symposium, Blanes 30-31 March 2017

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A Blue Symposium entitled “Sponges, Corals & the World” will be held in Blanes (Spain) on 30-31 March 2017. The free symposium is jointly organised by three large EC-funded projects that are currently ongoing on sponge and coral science: BluePharmTrain, SponGES and Atlas.

BluePharmTrain, Atlas and SponGES have joined forces to bring together major scientific, industrial and societal stakeholders in blue biotechnology. The effective transfer of novel discoveries in marine biotechnology can greatly improve Europe’s capacity to address the needs of the society of the future and generate new commercial opportunities. This event will be a platform for research, societal partners and industry alike to diversify their cross-sectorial knowledge, strengthen their existing partnerships and build new opportunities. Target outputs of the BluePharmTrain, Atlas and SponGES projects that have potential industrial relevance will be presented and associated societal impact and practical industrial development of these outputs will be discussed.

We aim to engage about 100 representatives from science, industry, policy makers and NGOs in an interactive industry exibition, plenary lectures, moderated panel discussions, poster sessions, keynote lectures and scientific talks.

For further information, registration and submission of abstracts please check the Blue Symposium page. Deadline is 15 January 2017.


Organising commitee

Detmer Sipkema – Wageningen University – The Netherlands
Maria Uriz – CSIC – Spain (Blanes)
Murray Roberts – Edinburgh University – UK
Tiago Henriques da Silva – University of Minho – Portugal
Martina Milanese – Studio Associato Gaia – Italy
Johanna Gutleben – Wageningen University – The Netherlands
Akhirta Atikana – Wageningen University – The Netherlands