Deep-sea sponges in practice – Six info-sheets by SponGES partner FAO

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SponGES partner FAO just released six info-sheets about deep-sea sponges and their habitats, covering topics like:

What is the role of sponges in the marine environment? How can sponges be identified and what are the procedures to preserve sponge samples (these two info-sheets are especially designed for fishermen and practitioners wishing to contribute to deep-sea research)? What are Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VMEs), what policies and strategies apply to the identification and protection of VMEs? What is the value of living marine resources and habitats in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ)?

The six info-sheets were presented at the recent SponGES science-policy meeting held in Brussels at the premises of DG ENV, andrepresent a concrete output towards the achievement of SponGES fourth main objective: Advancing the science-policy interface and developing tools for improved resource management and good governance of these ecosystems from regional to international levels across the North Atlantic.