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Objectives. The main goal of the Work Package is to advance the science-management-policy interface and develop tools for improved resource management and understanding of deep-sea sponge ecosystems from regional to international levels across the Atlantic. Work Package 8 will provide decision-makers with the scientific knowledge necessary to achieve efficiency and sustainability in the conservation and use of deep-sea sponge grounds and to improve biodiversity conservation and to guide sustainable use of marine resources in areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ). The following objectives will be addressed:

  • Facilitation of the uptake of new scientific information into existing management regimes;
  • Translation of scientific results of the project to all relevant actors and competent authorities, managers and decision makers;
  • Achieve improved management and thus reductions in adverse impact on Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VMEs) and enhanced conservation and management of Ecologically or Biologically Significant Areas (EBSAs); and
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer throughout the Atlantic region through a capacity building workshop and the development and dissemination of tools in support of management.

Focus. Using the scientific investigations and results of the project we will promote dialogue with stakeholders such as managers and policy-makers to provide knowledge and capacity building and develop options for better risk assessment and management of the vulnerable marine deep-sea sponge ecosystems.

Why is this important? Enhanced scientific knowledge about the economic value and important ecological role of sponge grounds is necessary for mitigating human induced impacts on these habitats. This, in turn, informs management and conservation efforts and improves implementation of international commitments.

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